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Our Objectives

Programs and Services :

  1. To offer lessons of various topics for various age groups, including Putonghua (Chinese Mandarin), Chinese culinary, calligraphy, painting, music, Chinese knots craft, foot reflexology, acupuncture, massage, martial arts, tea ceremony, etc.

  2. To share Chinese culture by invitations of Israeli organizations such as elementary and middle schools, youth and senior centers, etc.

  3. To provide public seminars on topics such as traditional Chinese medical treatments, Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese commerce, Chinese business laws, etc.

  4. To offer translation and interpretation services.

  5. To organize public performances such as Chinese concerts and operas.

  6. Organize outgoing delegations for cultural and commercial exchange.

  7. To host visiting of Chinese friends and tourists, and to provide them learning opportunities, through one-week to three-month courses, about the Jewish culture; the history and the geography of Israel; the Hebrew language; the three major Religions of Israel (Judaism, Christianity & Islam); etc.

  8. To publish books, periodicals, online tour information, etc.

  9. To provide rental space for Chinese group gathering and functions.

  10. To serve food and beverage at Tea Corners.

  11. To establish a Chinese arts & craft store; and to enable bed & breakfast exchange of Israeli and Chinese families.

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